Have you ever put a number in the G/L Journal Batch Name?

This time Mr. Parasuram Reddy is right :).

If you include a number in the journal batch name, the name will change by one number with every posting. Say your batch name is Snehanshu01. This will change by one number after every posting, to Snehanshu02, Snehanshu03, and so on.

In Navision it is possible to set up several journal batches under each journal template. That is, the same window can be used to display several different journals, each with its own name. This particular functionality is provided to facilitate / manage the batch names / registering each posting with unique Journal batch naming. This is particularly useful if every user of Navision is having his or her own journal.

Before Posting:

After Posting:

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  1. Hi Megan,

    this increment to the batch name is an inherent feature / property of Navision application. There is no setup by which you can stop this from happening.

    However, you can ask your implementation / support partner to do a very simple customisation (comment a line of code) to stop this from happening. you need to comment the following line of code in code unit 13, in the ‘code’ function:

    GenJnlBatch.Name := INCSTR(“Journal Batch Name”);

    Hope this helps. in case you need futrther assistance, please drop me a mail at snehanshu.mandal@gmail.com

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