Do we know all about Default Dimensions? How to make a dimension Code Mandatory for all the the accounts in Chart of Accounts

Simple. Open Chart of Account, Select all the accounts there, Click on Account > Dimensions > Dimensions-Multiple. Choose the dimensions you want to make mandatory for the accounts and mention ‘Code mandatory’ in ‘Value Posting’ field. That’s it.That’s the most common answer you will have if you ask somebody how to make a dimension mandatory across all the accounts in Chart of Account. This common answer is the most common mistake functional consultants make during implementation. Yes, the common answer is not at all right answer.The above described method of making a dimension mandatory is only valid to make a dimension mandatory for a set of accounts only. Not for entire all the accounts of Chart of accounts.

You may argue – Why not? I am selecting all the accounts from Chart of accounts and making a dimension mandatory for them. And it works.

But think again. Think about a situation where you are creating a new account in Chart of Account.
The dimension you made mandatory for rest of the accounts will not be readily become mandatory for this new account.
So you have to make that dimension mandatory for this new account manually following the same method. If you forget, it can be a disaster waiting for you.

Rather the right method of making a dimension mandatory across all the accounts is much simpler and full proof (foolproof as well). Use the ‘Account type default Dim.’ feature. Its available in the Dimension window itself.

Open the Financial Management > General Ledger > Setup > Dimension.
Select The Dimension you want to mandatory across all accounts
Click Dimension > Account Type Default Dim.
Mention the table no. behind the Chart of Account (That’s Table no. 15)
And mention that it’s ‘Code mandatory’ in the ‘Value Posting’ field.
And this will ensure that the particular dimension is mandatory for entire set of records of te table no. 15 (nothing but the Chart of Account). And in future, any new accounts created in charts of accounts will be automatically included in that mandatory list.
This is the way you can make a dimension mandatory for an entire type of account. For example, the customer account, Vendor Account, Item Master etc.
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