What is No. Series Relationship?

I got surprised when i discovered that so many people working in Navision for quite some time doesn’t understand No. series Relationship feature.
So what is No. Series Relationship?

Say you want to generate different invoice nos based on to where (geography) you are selling your service / material. So your domestic sales can have invoice nos which is different from invoice nos of export sales.

Now to implement the above feature, you need to use at least 2 no. series for invoice numbering? But in Sales & Receivables Setup’s Numbering tab, you have provision of mentioning only one no. series for Sales Invoice nos. how to resolve this?

You can go for some customisation or simply use the No. series relationship.

No. Series Relationship is a feature in Navision which helps you to group multiple no. series together and use it for one document no. Take an example of a sales Invoice. This feature will make 2 (or more) no. series related to each other and both can be used for the sales invoice nos.
Lets do it in Navision.
Create 2 no. series S-INV and S-INV EXP. First one for the domestic Sales & Second one for Export Sales.

Now relate the second no. series (S-INV EXP) with the first one with no. series relationship. To do that, select the seclect the S-INV in no. series window and click on the menu button series -> Relationships. Select the second no. series (P-INV EXP) in this window. Close it.
Your relationship between the 2 no. series is done. Now to use these no. series for sales invoice nos, you need assign it to sales & Receivables Setup.

Open Sales & Receivables Setup and go to the numbering tab. Choose the first no. series (P-INV) in the Invoice Nos.
Now you are ready to use both the no. series to generate the Sales Invoice nos. To test it –
Open the sales Invoice Window (Sales & Marketting -> Order Processing -> Invoices) and press F3 to create a new Sales Invoice. Don’t tab away from the no. field. Now click on the assist edit button (the 3 dot button) next to No. field and you will find system is suggesting both the no. series to you. Select any one series (depending on what type of Sales invoice – Domestic / Export you are creating) and a new no. document no will be generated.
So, you have the option of using 2 no. series (or more) for one single document no. You can extend this functionality further by automating the selection of no. series own the basis of USER ID.
Experiment on it. See you in next post.

4 Replies to “What is No. Series Relationship?”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the post. It is very useful. However, Is there any way to use different series no when posting. Fo example,by default is S-INV but I want post it to S-INV EXP instead.

  2. Hi – Can you similarly have relations in the “Posted Invoice Nos.”? How does NAV determine what number to use for the final posted document?

  3. You can always have manual numbering. Just tick the ‘Manual Nos’ in the Number series. You can also keep both default nos as well as manual nos where if you type antything in the no. field, system will take that value. Otherwise system will generate an automatic no following the series rule.

  4. Hello,
    the post is not very recent but… my question is: how could I assign a series number “manually” with this configuration? I mean: could I select a series range, and type the series number for the sales order (assuming that the series number is in the correct range), instead of the system giving the series number automatically?



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