Microsoft Dynamics NAV Roadmap

It Seems that Microsoft Dynamics team is bang on their target and managed to stick to NAV product Roadmap released earlier –

NAV Roadmap
Microsoft Dynamics NAV roadmap


Congrats to Microsoft Dynamics Team for their great work.

10 Replies to “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Roadmap”

    1. Nope. Navision will not run on Raspberry right now :). NAV already has a Service oriented Architecture where any functionality of NAV can be exposed as Service. Then the same can be accessed by any third party software / websites / Device.

        1. Actually I don’t need code separately for web application / tablet application. Whatever we develop in windows application gets rendered in browser as well as Tablet with HTML5. This also has the support of SOAP, ODATA and Jason. Though we need to follow certain guidelines while developing any interface targeted specifically to Tablet.

      1. Wouldn’t the NAV Universal App for Smartphones and Tablets theoretically also work with the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise?

        1. Theoretically Yes. But I have not tested the same. As per features of Windows 10 IOT enterprise – ‘Windows 10 IoT Enterprise supports both Universal Windows apps and Classic Windows applications plus a host of innovative capabilities’.


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